Gregory Asmolov

Gregory Asmolov is a lecturer in digital entrepreneurship at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London. His research interests include crisis-related digital innovation, digital disconnection, and digital sovereignty. Part of his research has been dedicated to a conceptual rethinking of crowdsourcing as a participatory practice for the digitally-mediated mobilization of a crowd’s resources. His publications have explored the role of crowdsourcing, not only in new forms of participation but also in new forms of control. In order to conceptualize new forms of digital governance, he developed the notion of “vertical crowdsourcing.” His recent publications include “The Disconnective Power of Disinformation Campaigns” at Journal of International Affairs (2018), “The Effects of Participatory Propaganda: From socialization to internalization of conflicts” at MIT Journal of Design and Science (2019), and “From Sofa to Frontline: The Digital Mediation and Domestication of Warfare” at Media, War & Conflict (2021).