The Knight Institute’s research program aims to foster interdisciplinary scholarship and commentary about the First Amendment, particularly on issues relating to new technology. We host visiting fellows and scholars from multiple disciplines, and we publish essays representing a broad range of perspectives.

The Institute advances its own positions through litigation, as well as through our Policy Papers. Through our research program, we explore a broader array of questions, and we afford scholars and practitioners the opportunity to develop and present positions that are sometimes different from our own. We do this both to enrich public debate and to deepen our own understanding of the First Amendment. We aim to publish pieces that are well-argued, well-informed, and provocative.

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Research Projects

  • Essay Series

    The Future of Press Freedom: Democracy, Law, and the News in Changing Times

    A project aimed at identifying and protecting core press functions

  • Essay Series

    Jawboning and the First Amendment

    A research initiative studying governmental efforts to pressure social media platforms to change their content moderation policies and practices

  • Report

    Covering Democracy: Protests, Police, and the Press

    A report investigating a major threat to press freedom

  • Essay Series

    Algorithmic Amplification and Society

    A project studying algorithmic amplification and distortion, and exploring ways to minimize harmful amplifying or distorting effects 

  • Essay Series

    Policy Papers

    A series of papers presenting the Knight Institute’s positions and recommendations on questions regarding technology policy, privacy, and the future of free speech

  • Essay Series

    Lies and the Law

    A series of public conversations and publications exploring what the law can and should do about the problem of lies and deception in the contemporary mass public sphere

  • Essay Series

    Data and Democracy

    A Knight Institute and Law and Political Economy Project essay series considering how big data is changing our system of self-government

  • Symposiums and Convenings

    Mapping Social Media

    A research project aimed at identifying the “logics” of social media

  • Essay Series

    Occasional Papers

    An essay series tackling pressing issues at the intersection of speech, privacy, and technology

  • Essay Series

    The Tech Giants, Monopoly Power, and Public Discourse

    An essay series addressing the tech giants' power to shape public discourse

  • Essay Series

    Free Speech Futures

    An essay series reimagining the First Amendment in the digital age

  • Essay Series

    Emerging Threats

    An essay series exploring new or intensifying threats to the system of free expression

Essays and Scholarship